Sat 19th and Sun 20th June 2021

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**The TLC Conference is pleased to announce that it is now sponsored by The Gupta Program to cover some of the costs, allowing the tickets for Long Haul Covid patients to be free to attend live**.

Long Covid affects an estimated 10% of people who contract the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The condition has left millions of people around the world, adults and children, struggling and suffering with debilitating symptoms for many months after they have had the initial infection.

The International TLC Conference is one of the first conferences in the world to bring together global specialist experts who are currently researching or developing treatments for Long Haul Covid. 

The world is at a critical juncture, with a hidden secondary pandemic that may affect millions of vulnerable patients across the globe. We have organized this conference to highlight the health emergency, and to eventually develop a evidence-based consensus of how we can treat long Covid.

Watch the welcome video here by your host Dr Tina Peers, to find out more about why 

Learn From World-Class Experts

In one of the first international conference of its kind, we are bringing together top Researchers, Clinicians and Therapists who are making strides in understanding the aetiology of this condition and potential strategies to treat it.

Dr Tina Peers

The Menopause Consultancy & MCAS Expert
Dr Tina Peers will be hosting the conference. She will also be presenting information on her Long Covid patients' symptoms, past medical histories and response to treatments.

Dr Lawrence Afrin

Consultant Oncologist and Haematologist
Dr. Afrin will present an overview of current concepts regarding mast cell activation disease, with emphasis on the most recently recognized and quite prevalent version of this disease, namely Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), including its basic biology, clinical presentation, general approaches to diagnosis and treatment, and potential intersections between MCAS and acute- and post-Covid-19 disease.

Susanne Schmidt, PhD

University of Bonn
Long Covid blood analysis results from a UK cohort of patients

Prof. Héctor Carvallo

Prof. Of Internal Medicine Universidad Abierta Interamericana
Ivermectin in Long Covid: Long COVID and COVID sequelae are often mixed up and misunderstood. We have divided both entities, according to clinical, pathophysiological and statistical differences. Also, we have developed potential treatments for both of them.

Emma Beswick MBA, BA (Hons), NT(Dip)

Nutrigenomics Practitioner
Nutrigenomics as an enabler of personalised support for Long COVID patients.

Ashok Gupta, MA(Cantab), MSc.

Clinical Director of the Gupta Program
Ashok is currently treating Long Covid patients using novel "Neuroplasticity Brain Retraining" techniques that he has used with ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia patients. He will be sharing his latest published RCT findings as well as case studies on Long Covid.

Mark Bradley

CEO Peoplewith App
How does Long Covid present across PeopleWith diverse health profiles?PeopleWith empowers patients to capture their health presentation and progression to share with their healthcare providers. Long Covid has been tracked for 6 months across diverse health profiles. Todays presentation is a reflection of the data to include patient profiles affected, the variance of symptom presentations across the profiles and health interventions presented.

Dr Bruce Patterson

MD, CEO, IncellDx Inc.
Diagnosis, Treatment, and Immunopathogenesis of Chronic COVID-19 (PASC)

Debbie Cotton

Head of Clinical Education, Invivo Healthcare UK
Gut testing results in our series of LC patients- In this talk, Debbie will take you through some of the latest research in regards to COVID-19 and the gut microbiome. Gut microbiome testing is an ever popular clinical tool to ascertain, along with genetics, mediating factors in health and disease. Debbie will discuss translation of the research in regards to gut microbiota results of patients with Long-haul COVID.

Dr Mobeen Syed

CEO and Founder of DrBeen Corp
Consensus protocol for treating Long Covid

Dr Danilo Buonsenso

Pediatrician in Rome, Italy
Consensus protocol for treating Long Covid

Gez Medinger

Patient, Film-maker & Advocate
Gez Medinger will share his personal experiences of Long Haul, together with various treatments that he has investigated.

Kate Robinson (Patient)

Long Haul Case Study
A long haul patients shares her story

Carolyne Bennett (Patient)

MCAS Case Study
An MCAS patient shares her story

Conference Participants

We learn from you
This is a collaborative effort to research causes and solutions, so we welcome your contributions on our social platform
*The conference schedule is subject to change due to any unforeseen circumstances

Your Personal Invitation from Dr Tina Peers, Specialist Consultant

Dear Friend,

Millions across the world are suffering from the effects of Long Covid. You are invited to join the effort to tackle and treat this debilitating condition by taking part in the first international Treat Long Covid (TLC) Conference.

Bringing together key international opinion leaders, researchers and health professionals working in this field, they will share the wealth of knowledge and insight they have gained since the appearance of this new healthcare emergency.

We look forward to welcoming both healthcare professionals with an interest in treating this condition, and patients suffering from Long Covid.

Join us and find out there is hope to Treat Long Covid.

Yours Faithfully,

Dr Tina Peers


The Menopause Consultancy & MCAS Expert


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A New Paradigm of Awareness & Understanding

Media Appearances Featuring the TLC Conference

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The TLC Conference was recently highlighted on CBS8 where Dr Tina Peers and Neuroplasticity Expert Ashok Gupta shared information about this important event.

Dr Tina Peers and Ashok Gupta were interviewed live recently on KTVK news about the global, online TLC Conference.

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Our worldwide conference to bring global specialists together to develop treatments for Long Haul COVID was recently featured on KMVT.

Filmmaker, Long Haul Covid advocate and TLC Conference speaker Gez Medinger recently featured Dr Tina Peers and Neuroplasticity Expert Ashok Gupta on his YouTube Channel, RUN DMC.

Please right click the image above to download the flyer to share with Medical Professionals, Therapists, Patients and FB Groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following purchase of your Medical ticket (Patient Tickets are free), you will have access to both days of the conference, as well as a social media group to network with the conference participants. You will also receive links to the recordings of the conference if you miss any sessions (Medical Ticket Only). You will also be kept informed of future events and treatment updates.  

Please visit our conference schedule by clicking the link at the top of the page.

This conference is organized by Dr Tina Peers and her network of colleagues dedicated to wanting to bring more awareness about Long Covid. She is an expert in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and treats hundreds of patients each year with chronic conditions. 

A recording of the conference will be included in your Medical ticket price. However we do encourage you to attend live. 

The tickets are not refundable, due to the fact that we will be providing recordings if you cannot attend live.  

Please visit the "Speaker Profiles" at the top of the page to find out more about our speakers and their backgrounds. 

You can purchase your ticket for the conference by clicking here:

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